Giovanna Brunetti is an italian interior designer based in chicago, Illinois. She formed Gio Style Design LLC to bring the classical simplicity and elegance of her native Italy to the United States. Born and raised in Rome, Giovanna honed her keen awareness of design trends and influences in Paris.

giovanna’s work as a contributor for Hotel & Lodge magazine introduced her to some of the world’s most luxurious places, from which she draws her inspiration. She makes regular trips back to her roots in Tuscany and Paris, staying on the forefront of innovative design styles and seeking must-haves for her clients that cannot be found in the U.S.

Gio Style Design prides itself on a deep commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether for the home, office, commercial space or even a simple pied-à-terre, Giovanna Brunetti strives to create unique and exquisite spaces for work and home that reflect each client’s individual character.

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Giovanna Brunetti
Allied Member, American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)